Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist in the House

Asher is our resident artist. He spends hours drawing and painting ..... it is really quite remarkable to someone like me who has no interest or ability. After he finishes a drawing, he often photographs it (see image above), because he knows I don't like extra paper around the house.

After a long search, I found these great drawing books by Ed Emberly for him. And I am happy to report I can now draw a killer cat and a cute caterpillar, too!


Beth said...

wow. that is a really great drawing. i love that he take the photo afterward to remember his masterpiece!

Ami said...

OMG. I just left a comment and then it took me astray and I lost it. So mad. Anyhoo.I was saying that I think I remember Ed Emberly from when we were little kids. I will have to ask Ang and Carla if they remember his books. It seems like maybe he even came to our grade school! I love the drawings Asher did! So talented!