Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Week in Facebook Statuses

This is my week in facebook statuses that I was too busy/frazzled to post in the moment:

Jen great at recycling. She's been recycling the same cold since early November!

Jen G....thinks its hilarious that Ed's aunt sent us a handwritten Christmas wish list in the mail. Does she think we live at the North Pole and have little elves working for us?

Jen G....wishes schools would just make up their minds about the robotics program. She has a staff to hire and train by January!

Jen G....loved hearing Asher shout out random versions of "I'm turning SIX tomorrow!" It's really baby is SIX!

Jen G....loved her morning run in the falling snow flakes this morning with Christmas songs on her iPod.

Jen G....can cross off 'pictures of boys with Santa' from her Christmas list. Thank you church Christmas party! May I never have to see the inside of a mall again.

Jen G.....plans to pay off Asher with large sums of cash and candy rather than endure the 1 1/2 hours of chaos and noise that was his sixth birthday party ever again.

Now that I type these all out.....third-person facebook statuses are kind of dumb.

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