Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tell Me A Story

Lately, Asher has been requesting stories. Stories without books. He wants me to tell him tales of his train friends on the Island of Sodor. He gives me a title, "Frank's Day Off" or "Peter Sam and the Incline" and I must instantly come up with an imaginative, action-packed story using proper train names and train terminology. I have no imagination. I feel my brain literally stretching inside my head to come up with original plot lines. The whole ordeal gives me a headache.

But at the same time I love it.

Asher curls up on my lap, puts his little arms around me, and listens attentively. Occasionally, he will whisper hints if I misname a train or mix up my Island of Sodor geography. As soon as I gasp out a final "The End", Asher always says, "that was a really great story, Mommy." Even if it really wasn't.

It is all happening so fast. Next year he will be in full-day kindergarten. Soon he will outgrow my lap completely. Thomas the Train and Curious George will be replaced by.....I can't even guess....but it won't be nearly as wholesome. The only thing I know for sure is that my days of snuggles and story telling are numbered.



doesn't it make it all the more precious for now? all brain stretches are worth it!

A Year in the Life of..... said...

That is awesome. My nephew's love once upon time stories about themselves and the family. All they people they know, they want a story about them. A true life story. It is so sweet.
Next time ask him to tell you a story instead and see if he come up with a great one. Maybe write them down and create a book for him in the future about mommy & me story times.

Beth said...

Jen! I feel like so many stories you tell about Asher remind me of Tyler. He loves trains and while he and Adam were camping Adam starts telling him this story about "Billy the train". Now every night and before naps Tyler wants to "hear a story about Billy". I am a horrible story teller too. Horrible. But for some reason Tyler doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes I get annoyed because I don't wanna tell any more Billy stories, but I need to just remember that one day I'll wish I could tell him one. Cute story, Jen.