Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Oh Bear. You have become the fifth member of our family. You are quiet and unassuming and you just might be my favorite. I still remember the day you were born. It was Teddy Bear Day at Asher's preschool and a mad scramble ensued to find a bear... any bear.... for Asher to take. When we pulled you from the bottom of the boys' clothes hamper, it was like you emerged from the womb. We dusted off the dirt and loose socks....and life began with you in our home.

You have been such a great friend to Asher. You will sit for hours on end and watch him play trains. When Asher is upset, you are the first to hear about it. When he is excited, you are often the first to hear about it as well. You have even found your voice, which is squeaky and high-pitched and ALWAYS in complete agreement with your best 4-year old buddy.

"Yes, Asher."
"Do you think I should play trains and eat ice cream and candy?"
"Yes, Asher."
"But because....I love Asher."

Asher has become your fierce protector. When we carelessly toss you aside, we hear about it:
"DON'T HURT BEEAAR!" When Noe uses you as a napkin, Asher gives your fake Dodger-tatooed fur a gentle sponge bath. When you were subjected to the indecencies of the x-ray machine at the airport security, Asher defended you.

Oh...the horror. An endless line of business people and government bureaucrats waiting to pass through security and board their planes....all of them running behind schedule. A frazzled mother, loading bins of carry-on items while simultaneously trying to head off the escalating tensions in front of her. And Asher, in full-terrorist mode, snatching you off of the rolling x-ray machine and tackling you to the ground, taking you hostage while pleading with the security guard not to take you away.

Welcome to the family, Bear!

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Beth said...

I LOVE this Jen! I wrote a post like this about T's bunny. What is it... they do become like family. Audrey has "Pink Bear" now and it is the same thing. Love it.