Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Day at the Office

When the Redskins lost to the Detroit Lions, who had previously lost 19 games in a row, it was a sad day for DC, but a good one for Ed. He came up with the winning headline, which got him some national attention, at least until the next news cycle. His headline was played on ESPN's SportsCenter, on all of the local news channels and was plastered all over the Internet. He also got a personal shout out from a local sports radio celebrity, who called it "brilliant."

The headline is a play on words from the Redskin's fight song, Hail to the Redskins. Yeah... I totally didn't get it at first either.

On a live web chat on the Washington Post website, a Redskins fan commented, "Whoever wrote that headline should get a raise." I totally agree.


This is Carrie said...

So glad I wasn't the only one who didn't get it at first. But with the explanation, you're right, it is brilliant and he should definitely get a raise.

Stacy Smith said...

Really? That was Ed? He really is brilliant. I got it right away because for some reason I am familiar with the Redskins fight song. No reason for that, I'm not a huge fan. I ditto the raise for the guy who came up with it or at least a really nice bonus! Kind of cool to think that I know him too.

Marvelous Me said...

I actually saw that and thought it was brilliant! I'll have to tell my sports nut husband. He'll have even more love for Ed than he already anticipates he may.