Wednesday, April 1, 2009

spring break packing list

1. digital camera (+ charger)
2. 2 cell phones (+ chargers)
3. gps (+ charger)
4. laptop
5. portable dvd player (+ dvds)
6. blackberry (+ charger)
7. 2 ipods (+ chargers)
8. 4 swimsuits and 4 pairs of sunglasses

when did vacationing become so ...... radioactive?

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A Year in the Life of..... said...

Too cute. I think mine will be the same:
1 labtop computer + charger
1 iphone + charger
2 digital cameras + charger (why I need two, I have really nice camera and a click and shoot camera- depends on what I go see on which one I need- it's crazy, I know)
1 swim suit (which I am purchasing today)
2 tops
2 pants

What a great list. I hope I don't forget anything. You have a wonderful trip in Sunny CA. Can you send some of that weather over to Switzerland- Just have you and the boys blow really, really hard at the Sun and it may make it!