Friday, October 10, 2008

I Hope You Go Bankrupt HELLiday Inn Express Rohoboth Beach

I sure feel like I let down my family right now.

We had planned to spend Columbus Day weekend at Rohoboth Beach, Delaware. Ed looked up our hotel confirmation earlier tonight and noticed that our check-in date was for a day last September (probably the day I made the reservation). I called them, with little hope they had an extra room for this weekend (its supposed to be in the 80s....gorgeous)...yeah...and I was right.

Not only that but they charged me for the two nights in September. I got them to take off the charges for one of the nights, but they won't give me a refund or even a raincheck for the other. I haven't given up....I'm going to make some more phone calls tomorrow. I'm pretty good at getting my money back.

I'm already dreading tomorrow morning when the boys wake up. I know that Asher will be asking about the beach before his little eyes are completely open. I called EVERY hotel in the Rohoboth Beach area and everything is booked. We'll have to make it a day trip.

Man, we sure needed this weekend.


Razzy said...

If you bug hotel people enough they will take off the charge... otherwise ask to speak with their manager or the GM. You can get what you want. Call in the morning and they may have a cancellation.

Aunti Jan said...

BUMMER! I hope someone does cancell. I cant believe there isnt ANY room at the INN ! ( sounds like a familure story? ) Are your taxes paid up?
Have fun making memories no matter how long you get to stay. How far away is it?

The Millennialist said...

Jen and Ed,

Great blog. It's lots of fun. I love the touch of irony in your family description.


Beth said...

That is so sad! Get your money back for sure. Don't worry too much about the kids... whatever you guys do I know they will have a great time.

RCH said...

Oh no! I would cry. :-(

Kage said...

ARGH!!!! I would have been so mad at myself. And the Asher thing....darn.