Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Few Random Notes

We are watching the debate right now and playing a pretend drinking game. When McCain addresses the audience as "my friends" or says "with honor and victory" I have to take a pretend shot. When Obama says "when I'm president" then Ed takes a pretend shot. We are both crazy pretend drunk.


I finished my pajama job yesterday. I was helping to rewrite Kaplan's curriculum. I am so bummed... it was such a great gig. My office was usually the couch, my uniform.... often pajamas and my hours....whenever I felt like working as long as I met my deadlines. Best of all... I didn't have to talk to anyone.


Noe lost his first tooth tonight. I was so surprised...I don't remember losing any teeth until the first grade. It makes me sad that he doesn't have the language yet to get excited about this milestone and look forward to the tooth fairy. But then again, I guess it will save us some money.

How is it that a three year old who calls our television set the "TB" and our portable DVD player the "train box" (thomas the train videos), work both machines better than his mama?

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