Saturday, March 31, 2018

Noé at 15

Noé brings a lot of joy and laughs (and some frustration as well) to our family.

Just this week:

I told Noé he could have an ice cream bar as an after school treat. He pulled out the bar from the freezer and quickly disappeared, leaving the wrapper on the kitchen counter. I found him sitting on the couch with his ice cream bar and his iPad. I asked him to throw away the wrapper. He laid his iPad and ice cream bar on our white couch to throw away the wrapper.

"NOT ON THE COUCH!" I shouted. He promptly picked up the iPad and left the ice cream bar on the couch cushion.

He is also obsessed with my slippers. Whenever I look for them, I inevitably find them on Noé's 15 year old feet. The other morning, he REALLY wanted to wear them to school. I thought we were going to have a showdown of wills. Then I told him, "Noé, it's just not cool for an eighth grader to wear his mom's slippers to school."

He looked at them longingly, then took them off and carefully lined them up next to the other shoes before putting on his sneakers.

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Becky Gepford said...

Oh, so familiar:). I have a son who has Aspergers, who does not live with me since he is grown and in a group home. But, almost daily, I work closely with my autistic niece, and I love her literal nature. It's hard to describe if you don't live with it....but, there have been told time and time again that we "can't" do something a certain way because ....... In her mind, it is a perfectly logical reason, to my mind, it could be worked around. So, we do it her way.

She loves to sing (yell) at the top of her lungs while swinging. It's quite startling for people walking past, but she loves it. Today, I went out there with her, and listened while she yelled/sang while swinging. It calms her, and she loves it. Recently, she went with us on our trip to Washington D.C. and did very well. However, her mom stayed back at the townhouse for 2 days, because she needed a break from the crowds and fast pace.

I'm sure your son is a joy to you, as she is to us.