Friday, January 19, 2018

The Things We Say and Like

These are the results of a silly FaceBook game that we played together before bed last week, but did not want to actually post on Facebook. I thought it might be fun to look back on one day in the future. I found it interesting how sarcastic we were to each other when answering questions as we generally aren't sarcastic in our interactions. I guess we were trying to come up with funny responses. Note: Noé did not participate because he was already in bed ...miracle... /sarcasm!

My commentary is in [  ]s:

What is something JEN says a lot?
Asher: Asher, can you come over here for a second?
Ed: Talk to your father

What is something that ED says a lot?
Jen: Touché
A: Is water wet? Is the pope Catholic?

What is something that ASHER says a lot?
J: Do I have to go to school tomorrow?
E: Reasons

What makes JEN happy?
E: I don't know  [such a funny guy]
A: Chocolate  [truth]

What makes ED happy?
J: When the Dodgers win
A: Your phone  [ouch!]

What makes ASHER happy?
E: Your phone
J: When it's time for "Amazing Race"

What makes JEN sad?
E: Life  [such a funny guy]
A: our president  [truth]

What makes ED sad?
J: When the Dodgers or Stanford lose anything
A: When the Dodgers lost the world series

What makes ASHER sad?
E: School (except for Spanish and PE and Jazz Band)
J:  When the weekend is over

What is JEN's favorite thing to do?
E: Go on a bike ride
A:  Bike    [for sure]

What is ASHER's favorite thing to do?
E: Text with friends
J:  Play the piano

What is ED's favorite thing to do?
A: Watching sports and listening to the record player
J:  Going on hikes

What is JEN's favorite food?
A: Egg salad [huh?]
E: Chocolate

What is ED's favorite food?
J: Seafood
E: Pizza

What is ASHER's favorite food?
E: Bacon and eggs [thank you, Parks and Rec]
J:  Seafood

What is JEN's favorite drink?
A: You drink tea a lot
E: Chai

What is ED's favorite drink?
A: oh my gosh yeah...root beer

What is ASHER's favorite drink?
E: Root beer
J:  Hot chocolate

If JEN could go anywhere, where would it be?
A: Portland
E: Chile   [hmm...I've already LIVED in both those places...]

If ED could go anywhere, where would it be?
J: London
A: Dodgers stadium [he would like to live there, actually]

If ASHER could go anywhere, where would it be?
E: Abuelos house [?]
J: Around the world with "The Amazing Race"

Do you think you could live without JEN?
A: A big fat no
E: no  [said very casually]

Do you think you could live without ED?
J: My heart would not go on 

Do you think you could live without ASHER?
E: Absolutely not
J: Not a chance, you're our sun/son

How does JEN bother you?
A: When you don't finish your sentence [I do that...]
E: I plead the fifth 

How does ED bother you?
J: When you walk too fast, when you snore all night
A: When you say the dab is not dead

How does ASHER bother you?
E: When you don't listen to me
J: When we have to nag you to get your work done

What is JEN's favorite TV show?
A: Parks and Rec [a good one...but nope!]
E: Mad Men

What is ED's favorite TV show?
A: Mad Men
J: Friday Night Lights

What is ASHER's favorite TV show?
E: Stranger Things
J: Stranger Things

What is JEN's favorite music to listen to?
A: Christmas music or Despacito [no and NO!]
E: Ricky Martin [....and nope]

What is ED's favorite music to listen to?
J: Jazz and Beatles
A: Miles Davis 

What is ASHER's favorite music to listen to?
E: Pirates of the Caribbean theme
J: Anything with a piano tutorial

What is JEN's favorite color?
A: Green
E: Green

What is ED's favorite color?
J: Pink 
A: Dodgers blue

What is ASHER's favorite color?
E: Red
J: Red and orange

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