Thursday, September 1, 2016

Noé - Summer 2016 Progress Report

A quick list of Noé's progress this summer:

- Dresses himself fully from his drawers without any prompts  (clothes rarely match, but they are on the correct body parts).

- Writes first name legibly. Still working on last name.

- Can find things not in his direct sight. (If I tell him to go put on his shoes and they're downstairs, he will do it).

- Mastered the capri sun! Including getting plastic off the tiny straw.

- Chores: Helps to empty dishwasher, takes out garbage, recycling and compost (almost independently) to curb, carries groceries from car to kitchen (highly prefers to carry in the foods he likes).

- He understands numbers and that they represent an amount (up to 10).  Doing very basic addition and subtraction.

-Body parts. He's finally labeling parts of face.

- Games: Jenga, Perfection, Connect 4 with help.

-Reading: He still hates books and has low to zero reading comprehension but can identify just about any word.

Here's to summer progress and sending him off to a great teacher for the 7th grade in five days!!!

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