Friday, May 29, 2015

Generation Gap

We celebrated Easy Ed's 38th birthday last week!  It was a busy weekday, but we were able to have a nice family dinner of Chez Jose Chicken Lime burritos and all the fixings, with from-scratch chocolate cake and then presents.  And then we took a walk down to the lake to enjoy the beautiful evening.

Here is a snippet of the conversation on our walk down to the lake:

Asher:  So, um, Dad?  Do you get any "updates" when you turn 38?

Ed:  What do you mean "updates?"

Asher: You know, like when you turn 16 you get your drivers license and when you turn 12 you can wear contact lenses.

(Ed and I exchange bewildered looks)

Ed: Asher, people aren't apps.  You do understand that, right?

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