Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Family That Reads Together....

Asher is like his "papi" in many ways, but none is quite as striking to me as their shared reading habits.

Both are voracious readers who are always reading several books simultaneously (which drives me crazy, btw ....I am a one book at a time girl).

Asher is an incredibly fast reader (also like his dad).  Meaning, we bring home a stack of chapter books from the library and by the next day he has read every last one.  I am fairly confident that he is faster than I am now.  It is frustrating to buy him books knowing how fast they will be consumed.  I calculated the per hour rate of enjoyment of his reading habit once and decided we might as well be at Disneyland.  Thank goodness for the library hold system.

Also like his dad, it is difficult to talk him into trying new genres and authors.  Sometimes I read Ash a chapter out loud of a book I want him try.  This occasionally piques his interest.  This strategy doesn't won't work with Ed, however.  He usually glances up from his book long enough to say, "Shut up, woman, I'm trying to read!"(Not really, but that is probably what he's thinking).

Some of Asher's favorites right now:

The Wildwood series (Colin Meloy)
My Weird School series (Dan Gutman)
The Cricket in Time Square (George Selden)
Diary of A Wimpy Kid series (Jeff Kinney)

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