Friday, January 11, 2013

Autism Nights

Just when we thought Noe was finally developing good sleeping patterns, this week happened.

It feels like he has spent more time awake than asleep between the hours of 9PM and 6AM this week.  Two nights ago, I thought he was FINALLY down and I went up to my bed, only to awake shortly after to find him downstairs with the music on full blast, running around the house swinging a ribbon in the air, like he was trying out for the US Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics team.

I've had lots of time this week to reflect on all of the other middle-of-the-night scenes we have woken up to over the years, including...

Noe sitting on the cold pantry floor eating hershey kisses (I think we estimated he had consumed at least 20 by the time we found him)

Noe sitting or standing on the kitchen counters eating cookies/cupcakes/fruit snacks.  Once we caught him sitting up on the fridge.

Noe playing ball on our back deck at 2AM (luckily, we always keep the back fence locked).

Noe in Asher's bed/ in our bed/under our bed.

Noe riding his razor scooter (which had been stored for winter in our downstairs closet) through the hardwoods of our house.

Noe dumping out an entire Costco-sized pail of laundry detergent in the storage room to make his own sand box.

Noe sorting his blocks/his pegboard pegs/Ed's ties by color and leaving them in piles around the house.


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