Monday, October 22, 2012

Me Part 1: Bootcamp

I always post about the boys.  This will be about me.  In fact, I'll make it a series.  The ME series.

Bootcamp.  I've been waking up at 5AM for the past month to attend a bootcamp-type exercise class.  I grew kind-of bored with my running/biking/and occasional yoga routine and I really wasn't improving my speed or conditioning or losing any more weight.  I have friends who have had success with this type of class, so this summer I took a Saturday "try-it-out-for-free"class and I really enjoyed it.

Right now it is a love/hate thing.  I love how I feel immediately after the class (although I often get really sleepy mid-morning).  I love feeling my body get stronger and harder (heard from Asher today: Yeah, don't need to flex your muscles at me any more, you're strong, ok?).  I love being pushed by the instructor (who is more like a coach than a drill sergeant).  It reminds me of playing high school sports which were good times.

On the other hand, when my alarm wakes me up at 5AM, I cry a little.  Sometimes a lot. It is overpriced and I have to DRIVE there....which makes me crazy.  How ridiculous to drive in order to exercise!  But at this point, I couldn't handle the twelve mile roundtrip bike ride on top of that workout!  It is also dark through the entire hour.  I could walk past my instructor and others in the class in the daylight and likely not recognize them.  Often we run along this old railroad-turned-exercise path with our flashlights for part of our workout.  I feel vulnerable in the dark....I'm super afraid I'm going to fall and screw up my knee again or get run over by a bicyclist....or attacked.

And it's been extremely humbling.  I still haven't been able to run a mile below 8:15, which I used to do really easily.  And there is this group that everyone refers to as "the runners."  Most are somewhere between my age and forty-five.  There is one woman who has to be closer to 55 and she is crazy fast. They have been attending daily for years.  They don't talk or smile much because they are too focused on making sure you eat their dirt.  I kind-of hate them, but also want to be one of them.  I thought about it today and I decided that I'm glad they are there.  The last thing I need is to be in a situation where I am the one in the best shape.

But if I ever become a "runner" I will be nicer to the little people.

It is all outdoors.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do come January (brrr....) , but I've decided to take it one month at a time.

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