Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portland Trip: All the Rest

We had an epic trip to Portland.  Lots of new adventures mixed in with family and friend time. But it's time to let go and move on.  Here are some of my photo favorites....

At the Oregon Coast with cousins.  My SIL's parents kindly
loaned us their gorgeous beach-front condo.  It was a fun
few days spent on the beach.
The boys finally saw a real mountain up-close and personal (Mt. Hood -
just 45 minute drive from Portland).  We even hiked up to the ski area
and touched the snow!  

On one of our hikes in the Gorge.  After our hot NOVA summer,
it felt so good to wear hoodies throughout the trip!
I had a good time with some of my bffs!  We have known each
other for so long and have been through so much together....
braces, bad breakups, babies and everything in-between!

I am so glad that my boys are getting to know their wonderful
great-grandparents!  On this trip we were able to attend their
70th wedding anniversary party with family!

Playing the bongo drums at the Portland
Zoo the day before we left.   Best zoo trip ever!
Building big sand castles on the beach with Grandma! (Oregon Coast)
Sometimes Uncle Dave has to come over to Grandma's in his police
uniform and police car to make sure everyone is behaving themselves.
Ever since we ran into this giant chess set in
Downtown Portland, Asher has been obsessed with playing chess!

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