Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall in Photos

I am tired of being a couple months behind on this blog. It makes blogging feel like a chore instead of an outlet. So I'm catching up in photos.....

In September, we kicked the kids to the curb, and then onto their respective school buses. I also settled into a less-manic work schedule. They are both having an excellent school year thus far. I am quite pleased with their school situations.

Thrilled to be back in the classroom!

Less thrilled.

Late September, we spent a weekend in Pittsburgh with our good friends, the Norths. Trip highlights include visiting the Aviary in Downtown Pittsburgh, attending a Pirates game, and riding on the back of Matt's motorcycle.

Over Columbus Day weekend, my mom visited from Portland. Ed and I went away for two nights to a fancy Dupont Circle hotel to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It wasn't the big trip I had been mentally planning the last couple of years, but it ended up being so relaxing and perfect. THANK YOU, MOM!

Enjoying the night life of Dupont Circle. I think we are still a bit stunned that
we escaped without our children.

Later that weekend, the boys and I took my mom to Shanendoah National Park for an overnight stay. The fall colors were lovely, which mostly counterbalanced Noe, who did not have a lovely weekend. This probably explains why I don't have any photos of our trip. We also took a weekend there last we are hiking the Appalachian trail.

End of October was all about Halloween. We took our annual pilgrimage to Loudoun County for pumpkins and found our favorite family-run farm condemned! The city had seized the family's land to build another road and more shopping centers. I spoke with the owner and the whole situation was heartbreaking....such a Halloween downer! We picked some apples on the farm's remaining land and I donated a few bucks to their legal fund.

Asher loved picking the end-of-season apples from the highest branches!

We also said goodbye to our friends, the Jensons, who are moving to Korea. Together we attended our local high school's homecoming parade for the last time. This is an annual tradition which has been kept alive because the parade route runs along our street and because of the copious amounts of candy that our kids receive from parade participants (high school kids and local politicians). After the parade, we had a grand Halloween feast of mummy wraps, monster digits, monster eyeballs and pumpkin cake.

Not exactly the Rose Parade, this little parade is still a fun tradition!

Elanor, checking out the Halloween goods. Little does she know she will soon
be eating kim-chee instead of weiner wraps (probably not a bad thing!)

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michelle said...

I here you about catching up on the blog. I am working on it too.

We will miss the annual lame parade and throwing of candy. But most of all we will miss spending time with you guys. The girls loved the Halloween-y food and spending time with your boys.