Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Google It

For me, that phrase is the 2011 equivalent of "Go ask your father/mother." I love Asher's curious nature, but sometimes I just can't answer every. single. question. I often find him on or google, trying to find answers to all of the questions flying through his brain like wild bats.

And while recently searching our google search history, this is some of what I discovered:

"does the tooth fairy fly?"
"insect that starts with [the letter] x"
"do elfs get presents?"
"is asher on the noty [naughty] list or the nice list?"
"why doesnt the candy land game come with real candy?"
"country that starts with the letter y"
"is new zeland in australia or asia?"
"when will the new land before time [movie] be on the ipad?"

I think I'd better make sure to answer more of his questions from now on.....


Ami said...

Oh my gosh. That cracks me up. I am not gonna lie. I don't know if the tooth fairy flys or not!! Hahah! You wonder what goes through their just got a little peek. :)

Belle said...

Love this list! It is fun to get a peek of what is going through his head. And did he find out if he's on the naughty list??

Jen said...

Belle, haha! Not sure....only hope he didn't stumble upon anything inappropriate when he typed it out!

Elise said...

I love the candyland inquiry. I've wondered that, myself. It would certainly make playing the game more fun. Then I might be less tempted to cheat to stack the cards to the game goes faster.

This really is a great way to see what's going on in that head of his. And it is both impressive and hysterical! Thanks for sharing.