Friday, January 14, 2011

Guzman-style fails

Here we are at the US Capitol, in front of the Christmas tree. Just a minute or so after this photo was taken, a small plane entered the Capitol no-fly zone without radio contact. Fighter pilots swooped in to intercept the plane and droves of Capitol police officers suddenly appeared at the top of this hill. With loudspeakers in hand, they forced us all to run towards the Washington Monument. I'll just say that they weren't polite about it. I know they were trying to keep us safe, but I was pretty close to giving them a piece of my mind which would have probably resulted in a mommy-in-jail fail.

We took the boys to the US Botanical Gardens over New Year's weekend to see their annual
holiday train wonderland. Just after I snapped this photo, a little hand with my DNA that knew better, reached down to grab the train and almost caused a huge scene.

Noe is working on sequencing at school, so I had to photograph him doing different activities around the house . I was too busy trying to get the shot to tell him to "stop!" Noe is a very literal guy. If you tell him to keep pouring, he will. I love Asher's little face in the background. Always the voice of concern at our house.

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Kage said...

yesterday my friend told me that her poor baby puked everywhere. She then spent the morning doing laundry to get it puke-free. She brought it home and put it on the floor to fold and her little one threw up all over it. She said she cursed (a bad one) and was so mad about the laundry she felt she wasn't her best mom self in that moment.
Hey, moments like that are what keep it real. Love the three you shared here.