Saturday, April 3, 2010

How was your Easter Eve?

The boys and I dyed Easter eggs this afternoon.

It started out lovely. I boiled the eggs this morning and sometime in the late afternoon we spread Ed's paperwork (aka the newspaper) down and went to work coloring them in all varieties of pastel-colored goodness.

At some point, Asher insisted on a new band aid for his scraped-up elbow, so we headed upstairs to the bathroom. Returning back to the kitchen table a couple minutes later, we found Noe colored in all shades of dye. It looked like the Easter bunny had thrown up all over the dining room! There was Easter Egg dye on the walls, floors, ceiling, table and chairs. I ran Noe up to the bathtub and rushed back to mop up the mess before it dried to a permanent stain. Two hours, two Mr. Clean magic erasers, and a roll of paper towels later, I finally had it all cleaned up. Minus the pink stain on our Ikea table that may forever be my daily reminder of the goodly bounty of Easter.

While I was busy saving my dining room from a Punky Brewster fate, Noe missed the toilet, which promoted more scrubbing, and Asher embarked on a one-man journey to hide all of our colored Easter eggs around the house. Then, he promptly "forgot" where he put all two dozen eggs. As of this writing, I have only retrieved about half of them, but am fairly confident that if temperatures remain in the 80's they will find their way to my nose in the next few days.

Now I hide in bed. Exhausted. Typing away and nibbling on the boys' Easter candy. Candy they won't see in their little baskets tomorrow.

Maybe next year they'll finally get it. Don't mess with the Easter Bunny.


RCH said...


Elise said...

I am so glad you wrote all this down. It will be fun to look back on next year. I love that you can inject humor into this situation.

I hope you can find all of the eggs with your eyes rather than your nose. . .

Beth said...

Jen!!! You are such a great writer. I love that last paragraph.

I dyed eggs with my kids yesterday and thought the whole time "this is overrated". Maybe when they're older - like in elementary school. But a 2 yr. old and 4 yr. old. It was a mess. NOT quite the mess you had to endure though. I'm so sorry.

I hope the chocolate helped you feel better. Happy Easter to you guys.

kristie sessions said...

that is exactly why I never dye easter eggs. it will take my kids a few years to realize how i have jipped them a grand experience in their childhood, but i really don't care. i can't stand the mess... but I did miss eating deviled eggs.
Happy easter!