Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009: NYC Accomodations

We were very grateful to have use of a good friend's condo during our trip. The boys didn't even mind their pink bedroom. Their favorite part of the condo: ringing the bell on the girls' kitchen set. Over and over and over. My favorite part: how my friend makes urban living with children so doable....and attractive! I definitely want to give it another try someday soon. Only improvement needed: being able to see said friends in their beautiful condo instead of living vicariously in their home.


Beth said...

That's so cool that you guys got to stay there. Sweet! I love all these pics Jen. And happy birthday to your sweet little Noe. I still remember him, so itty climbing around the chapel of the Astoria building.

Kage said...

Do you know the story of the bell?

When Lolly was potty-training, whenever she had to poop, instead of telling me about it, she would run into her bedroom, brace herself by holding onto the play refrigerator and poop in her pants.

This got old pretty fast.

I knew she would never resist a bell, so I bought it for like a dollar and stuck it to the fridge. The next day I heard the ding and caught her before she had pooped in her pants. Second day, same thing. By the third day, she was pooping in the potty!

Now the bell is fun because you can ding it when your "order" is ready at Cafe Lolly.

Please come back and visit us again in person, and Beth you are welcome to stay anytime, with or without us present!