Saturday, December 5, 2009

Only in DC

A few only-in-DC moments we've had lately:

Today, I met Pierre Thomas. We were at the same kids birthday party. I've known and loved his wife for four years....our kids were in the same autism preschool class. And we've been autism mom friends ever since. Finally, today we discovered that our husbands both work in media and that she is married to a fairly high-profile journalist in the DC area (ABC Nightly News/Dateline/GMA). I guess we just always had more important things to talk about besides what our husbands do for a living.

We were downtown recently and saw a helicopter circling the White House. When I told Asher who was in the helicopter (although it could have been a decoy), he was hardly impressed. He was sure it was Sir Topem Hat and the helicopter was Harold.

I drove into the CIA Headquarters entrance again trying to get to Clemyjontry Park. I'm pretty sure that by now I have my own CIA file under the category, "Idiot Suburban Soccer Mom Drivers."


michelle said...

We've gotten lost from Reagan airport and drove around the Pentagon parking lot. It is scary when you see the guards and there big guns.

kristie sessions said...

I loved this park! I can't believe how close you are to the in-laws (that aren't there any longer!) I miss virginia and driving pass the CIA...