Thursday, September 17, 2009

Portland Trip: Jet Boating on the Willamette River

I found an ad for a jet boat cruise along the Willamette River (the river that runs through downtown Portland) and decided that the boys would love it. My sister and I booked reservations for our kids on a hot Portland afternoon. Noe refused to wear his life jacket and Asher was so nervous he clung to his jacket (and to me). Asher and his cousin hardly looked up during the entire one hour ride. The first couple of times we got soaked in the boat was fun, but then we were just plain cold. Regardless, it was fun to see downtown Portland from the water, feel the speed of the boat and learn a little bit of Portland history.

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Anonymous said...

Better to see Portland from the water than IN the water, esspecially after a heavy rain!
Love and MISS youz, Aunti Jan