Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

It's that time of year again ..... time to get ready to work full-time for the summer.

I am busy finalizing summer schedules for the boys, getting projects completed that I won't have time to do this summer, doing my version of spring cleaning, and finishing some job-related prep work. Time is ticking ....when Noe is out of school next week my time and attention will be limited.

I look forward to my summer job in many ways .... spending time away from the kids, managing whiny grown-up people rather than whiny little people, riding the pleasant 6-mile bike ride to and from work, making the extra money..... we'll see if I'm still singing the same tune in August when it's 90 degrees at 8am, my bosses are yelling at me, the house is a mess and there is nothing to eat in the fridge because nobody has time to shop.

In other news, the Post finally gave my husband back to me. He took a comp day today, which he spent digging a big hole in the front yard and taking Noe on a 10 mile bike ride in the sweltering heat of the afternoon. Poor kid came back with skinned knees and smelling like a 17 year old lineman after football practice. Right now Ed is burning holes in our hardwood floors with his manic pacing while the Lakers play Game 3.

I think I will offer to give Ed back to the Post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ED! The game was sooooo close! I expect there will be more pacing during the next game. I have been watching more basket ball with grandpa Razz than I thought was possible. I still dont understand it all.....what is a Pick and Roll ?
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEN! DONT stress, somehow it all works. You are soooo busy! When I have alot to do, I shut down, and nothing gets done. You are doing a gooood job!
Love you all, Aunti Jan :}

Ed said...

Aunti Jan,

I broke up my pacing a bit the last game because Denise's flight arrived during the game. So as soon as the third quarter ended, I hustled over there and brought her back, then watched most of the fourth quarter and overtime. But otherwise, yes, plenty of pacing and, eventually, happiness once the Lakers pulled it out. PHEW!

As for "pick and roll," it's a common type of play they use in basketball to get an open shot. So a guard will be dribbling the ball and then a taller guy will stand in the way of the guy guarding the dribbler (the "pick" part).

Then once that person's path is blocked and the guy dribbling has a little more room to move around, the taller guy will run to an open spot on the court (the "roll" part), at which point the guy dribbling the ball will pass it to the taller guy for a good shot.

Orlando is extremely good at it, the Lakers are pretty good when Kobe feels like passing the ball!

Love to everyone back in Oregon...

Anonymous said...

ED, Congrats on the Lakers win! Thanks for the explansion, now I have to wait till fall to see it. The whole basketball season was fun. It looks like it is baseball time now, I do understand that game. Pretty simple. Love, Aunti Jan:}